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How QCT Edge Platforms Accelerate the AI Workloads

Michael Quan, QCT

GTC 2020

In the 5G era, more and more applications will benefit from the high bandwidth and low latency of 5G technology. Hence, edge computing becomes essential to most applications that require real-time processing.QCT, as a worldwide leader in server design and manufacturing, offers complete end-to-end product lines to support 5G applications, including servers for the data centers, regional data centers, edge computing, and uCPE. These server products can support NVIDIA V100 or T4 GPUs as an accelerator to accelerate AI training and inference workloads. A quick demo will showcase how QCT is utilizing NVIDIA's T4 GPU & AI technology in its state of the art X11C-8N server, so as to do vehicle/person/road-sign detection, car vendor identification, and car model classification, etc. This application is fully containerized, and after performance fine-tuning, each NVIDIA T4 card can handle up to 38 video streams for smooth inferencing.

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