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Inspur Design of GPU Server (Presented by Inspur)

Alan Chang, Inspur

GTC 2020

Learn about the combination of trends and practices, both for data center and heterogeneous computing platforms. We'll focus on how to design GPU-based systems toward different application scenarios. We'll showcase how to design data centers for different scales, application scenarios, and specific standards—for both enterprise and hyperscalers, for example, or AI training and inference applications, edge computings, and also for OCP and ODCC standard data centers. We'll analyze the pain points for those data centers, and also our capabilities to design GPU-based systems that enable those data centers. Our main goal is to share our experience on how to design a proper GPU platform for your data center based on our years of practice. Furthermore, we'd like to discuss any specific problem you are facing, to see whether we can work together to solve it.

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