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Cisco and Patriot One Technologies Bring Machine Learning Projects from Imagination to Realization (Presented by Cisco)

James Cameron, Patriot One Technologies | Han Yang, Cisco Systems, Inc. | Jeanault Lasnier, Patriot One Technologies, Inc.

GTC 2020

While AI/ML is top-of-mind for many organizations, the path from experiment to production-scale deployment is fraught with challenges. The data pipeline plays an important role, from data ingestion to training and inferencing, for getting value out of your AI/ML initiatives. When Patriot One Technologies wanted to disrupt the threat detection industry, they successfully developed that broader data pipeline, focusing on letting AI crunch the data so humans could make better decisions. We'll discuss the challenges of successfully bringing machine learning projects from their experimental stages into production at scale, and we'll make recommendations for the most efficient and effective architecture to operationalize successful AI/ML deployment. In addition, Cisco will discuss how IT and data science teams can work together enabling accelerated AI/ML with tools such as Kubeflow and others.

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