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Bringing AI to the Classroom: NVIDIA's Deep Learning Teaching Kit

Joseph Bungo , NVIDIA | Pawel Morkisz, AGH University of Science and Technology

GTC 2020

The call for AI and deep-learning skills is soaring, and university classrooms are on the front lines of feeding the demand. NVIDIA Teaching Kits lower the barrier of incorporating AI and GPU computing in coursework. NVIDIA's higher-education leadership and Pawel Morkisz, assistant professor of mathematics at AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, will discuss the Deep Learning Teaching Kit, co-developed with Professor Yann LeCun and his team at New York University. The kit was a starting point for preparing materials for the course dedicated for postgraduate students of mathematics. Using NVIDIA's materials saved many days of work preparing lecture slides and source-level coding projects/solutions.

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