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WATCH NOW AI-driven, Real-Time Deep Learning System for Retail Asset Protection

Alex Siskos, Everseen | Razvan Cioarga, Everseen

GTC 2020

Leading grocery and mass retailers have engaged Everseen to deliver a proprietary process and human-centric AI platform — is in over 2,000 stores and growing. It's revolutionary in its ability to digitize human behavior, virtually and in real time, within a process map. Enabling real-time process shaping is unprecedented. We're changing behavior anywhere humans interact with business flows by creating an accurate business representation of actions and processes; continuously mapping this in real time, but also influencing and modifying it to achieve a desired outcome; and measuring that outcome by importing, ingesting, and interpreting structured data (POS transactions, sales, orders, returns, and so on) against the action(s).

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