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Smart Factory: How AI Enables Smart Manufacturing

Andrew Lee, Wistron

GTC 2020

Automatic optical inspection (AOI) may have high efficiency, but many manufacturers set AOI parameters at high levels in order to achieve high yield rates, resulting in over-sensitivity of inspection. Products have to be manually checked for misjudged ones made by AOI. Our AI PaaS opens new horizons for detecting defects and easily solves AOI defect detection that humans can't. We'll discuss creating an AI PaaS environment for training and deploying AI-powered functionalities for defect detection. We'll explain both hardware and software end-to-end solutions that cover best practices to train models, and optimized inference pipelines by high-performance GPGPU accelerated environments, which leverage NVIDIA NGC optimized deep learning environments and various SDKs, TAO Toolkit and TRTIS (TensorRT Inference Server). In combination with CNN, AE and TAO Toolkit, we'll show how AI is solving difficult problems in a smart factory with NG free photos.

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