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Ray-Traced Virtual Reality in Omniverse

Jeroen Stinstra, NVIDIA | Kevin Parker, NVIDIA

GTC 2020

Ominverse is a new platform developed by NVIDIA to share scenes and models between different editors and viewers. Ray tracing is used to accurately visualize content within the Omniverse Kit viewer. As quality ray-tracing effects (such as reflections, soft shadows, and ambient occlusion) are expensive to compute, we'll discuss how we were able to use eye-tracked foveation and warped-space rendering to achieve sufficient performance and quality gains for a virtual reality viewer. We'll also show how adding multi-frame explicit history reprojection to our de-noising strategy better handles the motion of VR interactions. To further improve performance, we'll discuss our strategies for dividing work between multiple GPUs. Streaming allows us to decouple the multi-GPU rendering server from the headset. Finally, we'll demonstrate our application to allow you to experience first-hand the benefits of eye-tracked foveation and ray tracing.

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