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Building ORAN based high performance 5G RAN systems with Nvidia GPUs and Mellanox NIC

Elena Agostini, NVIDIA | Joe Boccuzzi, NVIDIA

GTC 2020

NVIDIA Aerial is a set of SDKs that enables GPU-accelerated, software-defined 5G wireless RANs. Today, NVIDIA Aerial provides two critical SDKs: cuVNF (optimized Input/Output leveraged with GPUDirect RDMA) and cuBB (fully-offloaded 5G Signal Processing pipeline). These SDKs can be combined to implement a software-accelerated physical layer on the centralized radio controllers (base band unit) that is able to dialog, by means of a Fronthaul I/O interface, with a set of radio heads to send, receive, and process 5G packets using GPUs. We'll show our implementation of the Fronthaul I/O interface to enable an ORAN-compliant (O-RAN Alliance) dialog with a radio unit, giving an overview of the most challenging issues we faced in differentiating between hardware- and software-accelerated features.

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