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Toward Industrial LES/DNS in Aeronautics: Leveraging OpenACC for Massively Parallel CPU+GPU Simulations

David Gutzwiller, Numeca

GTC 2020

We'll describe recent advances toward industrial LES/DNS computational fluid dynamics within the scope of the EU TILDA (Towards Industrial LES/DNS in Aeronautics) project. The TILDA project aims to complete high-fidelity industrial LES/DNS simulations with upwards of 1 billion degrees of freedom, with a turnaround time on the order of one day. Achieving this requires near-linear efficiency on massively parallel, heterogeneous CPU+GPU compute resources. We'll describe the development of FineFR, a high-order CFD solver supporting heterogeneous CPU+GPU architectures. We'll emphasize the highly tuned OpenACC implementation, allowing very efficient data locality with minimal code intrusion. Finally, we'll present benchmark data and demonstration computations from the OLCF Summit Supercomputer showing near-linear scalability on upwards of 50,000 CPU cores and 7,000 NVIDIA GPUs.

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