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Isaac Sim 2020 Deep Dive

Hai Loc Lu, NVIDIA | Hammad Mazhar, NVIDIA

GTC 2020

Join us for an in-depth exploration of Isaac Sim 2020, the latest version of NVIDIA's simulator for robotics. Isaac Sim's first release in 2019 was based on the Unreal Engine, and since then the development team has been hard at work building a brand-new robotics simulation solution with NVIDIA's Omniverse platform. Topics will include: • How to obtain and set up the Isaac Sim 2020.1 Preview release: Docker container at NVIDIA NGC, deployment on AWS or workstation. • Editor, simulation features and systems: Python scripting, RTX Graphics, Universal Scene Description, PhysX, MDL materials, cameras, and lights. • Leonardo manipulation example. Tasks, motion policies and state machine. • What's next: road map includes sensor system, segmentation and labeling, domain randomization, mobile robots and more. • Q&A

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