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Pacefish: GPU-Accelerated CFD from Scratch to Market

Eugen Riegel, Numeric Systems GmbH

GTC 2020

Gain insights into the challenge of developing GPU-accelerated computational fluid dynamics software, from concept to product. Pacefish transforms the power of up to 16 NVIDIA GPUs into a predicted physical flow behavior around complex geometries like cars, buildings, cities, or in rooms. This helps engineers design magnificent cars having better driving capabilities at lower fuel consumption and higher cruising range, for example. Remarkable GPU-to-CPU-node speedup on the order of 20-30x allows Pacefish to drop the costs per simulation by a factor of 10. We'll talk about milestones on the road from scratch to market that we started in 2007, and show some results emphasizing the current product state. You'll learn the lessons from our most important technological decisions from the initiator, founder, and main developer himself.

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