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Building Autonomous Store Platform for Everyone

Steve Gu, AiFi Inc.

GTC 2020

Learn how AiFi's autonomous store platform, coined O.A.S.I.S (Open Autonomous Store Infrastructure and Services), can provide a turnkey solution for retailers who want to implement their own autonomous stores without reinventing the wheel. AiFi's all-in-one technology platform for retailers includes seamless multi-camera/multi-person tracking, real-time product recognition, and live inventory tracking, as well as analytics for shopper behavior and sales. AiFi interprets all of this shopping and inventory activity simultaneously, in real time, using NVIDIA's high-performing and power-efficient P4 GPUs, without delays or latency. With its latest platform, AiFi is launching a whole new suite of APIs that can be easily integrated into a retailer's front end, back end, and point-of-sale systems. Come and hear how AiFi has harnessed the power of GPUs to create a delightful checkout-free experience at lightning speed for retail customers.

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