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Sensor Processing with the NVIDIA DriveWorks SDK: Abstraction, Algorithms, and Acceleration

Hope Allen, NVIDIA | Miguel Sainz, NVIDIA

GTC 2020

Autonomous vehicles (AV) rely on sensors to represent the world around them, so onboard processing must react to rapidly changing environments. The NVIDIA DriveWorks SDK enables developers to implement such AV solutions by providing an exhaustive library of software modules and tools that leverage the computing power of the NVIDIA DRIVE AGX platform. With DriveWorks, developers can focus on their applications instead of spending time on fundamental functionality and infrastructure. Our session will cover the DriveWorks Sensor Abstraction Layer, a unified interface for sensor life-cycle management, timestamp synchronization, and recording. We'll then discuss the DriveWorks optimized low-level image and point cloud processing modules for processing incoming sensor data to enable advanced AV algorithms. DriveWorks also supports the DRIVE AGX hardware engines so that these modules can seamlessly run across the Xavier SoC, providing flexibility and performance.

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