Charlie Boyle, NVIDIA | Christopher Lamb, NVIDIA | Rajeev Jayavant, NVIDIA
GTC 2020
Todays enterprise needs a platform that can help business embrace AI-powered transformation to thrive in challenging times. NVIDIA DGX A100 delivers breakthrough computing performance while enabling organizations to unify previously siloed resources that were optimized for single AI workload types. Built on the revolutionary NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPU, DGX A100 unifies data center AI infrastructure, flexibly adapting to training, inference, and analytics workloads with ease. More than a server, DGX A100 is the foundational building block of AI infrastructure and part of the NVIDIA end-to-end data center solution created from over a decade of AI leadership by NVIDIA. Attend this session to learn how DGX A100 can help you fast-track AI transformation.

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