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Toward an Autonomous-and-Safe Deep Learning Framework for Time Series Data

Jian Chang, Alibaba Group | Sanjian Chen, Alibaba Group

GTC 2020

Global retailers, such as Alibaba, generate hundreds of petabytes of time-series data every day. Making intelligent decisions based upon such time-series data is essential to many business units in Alibaba. We'll discuss our approach of combining two major themes — "autonomous" and "safe" — in a unified machine-learning framework for time-series data. To improve the accuracy of time-series forecasting and classification, we leverage graph neural networks (GNN) to model the complexity of multi-variant time-series. To improve the computation efficiency, we borrow ideas from Transformer and WaveNet architecture to enable parallel forecast generation. The vulnerability of deep neural networks to adversarial attacks has also generated a lot of attention and discussion on the topic of “safe AI”. We'll also discuss the importance and challenges in developing “safe” deep-learning models for time-series, and how we can defend against those attacks.

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