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Holistic AI-Enhanced Workflows in Radiology

Alvaro Sanchez, Smart Reporting GmbH | Dominik Noerenberg, Smart Reporting GmbH

GTC 2020

We'll highlight the advantages of a holistic workflow in radiology, the opportunities and challenges of AI implementation in diagnostic workflows, and their impact on treatment decisions and patient outcomes. AI will have a tremendous impact on the way we think and work in medicine. Diseases are complex pathological processes and more than one algorithm is often needed to answer relevant medical questions. This requires a well-managed orchestration of the reporting workflow. We'll introduce the Smart Reporting platform as an innovative tool for synoptic AI-enhanced reporting, which massively improves interdisciplinary communication. Leveraging on NVIDIA Clara and GPU computing, we'll also present a novel pipeline for prostate cancer imaging, tumor detection, automatic report generation, communication of results, and improved treatment decisions.

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