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Audio Effects SDK : Implementing State-of-the-Art, Real-Time Audio Effects Using the Power of NVIDIA RTX GPUs

Ambrish Dantrey, NVIDIA

GTC 2020

Audio Effects SDK provides state-of-the-art audio functionalities using deep-learning solutions developed within NVIDIA. Currently, the SDK provides background noise cancellation for broadcast and VoIP use cases. Additional functionalities, such as voice modulation, voice enhancement, narrow-band-to-wideband conversion, and audio event detection, are under development. We'll provide an overview of the deep learning networks developed for Audio Effects SDK, covering design choices made with regard to network architectures, dataset selection, data augmentation, and how these choices map to the optimal results. We'll also talk about how we accomplish real-time audio effects operation without adversely impacting game performance. We'll also walk through the SDK, sample applications, OBS filter, and a guide for performance fine-tuning for SDK users.

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