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Affordable Modeling of Complex Extreme Events in the Built Environment Using GPU-accelerated CFD

Tariq Saeed, Arup | Jamil Appa, Zenotech

GTC 2020

We'll explain how Arup and Zenotech are making progress in resolving speed, accuracy, and cost challenges with CFD algorithmic advances, here exemplified by Zenotech's zCFD code, and GPU acceleration. Using a particularly challenging turbulent flow phenomenon exhibiting fleeting but extreme pressure peaks as a test case, we'll show the outcome of validation tests carried out on a DGX-1 system and compared with comprehensive, high-quality wind-tunnel test data. We'll also demonstrate how in-situ visualization of 3D flows, using NVIDIA IndeX and ParaView Catalyst, opens powerful new possibilities for finding insights into complex fluid dynamical behaviors.

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