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Advances in Real-Time 3D Hologram Generation

Tom Durrant, VividQ | Roman Pechhacker, VividQ

GTC 2020

We'll introduce VividQ's software pipeline, which facilitates the extraction of 3D point cloud data and conversion to a hologram to be displayed using diffractive optics. This allows for the real-time projection of scenes as truly 3D holographic images. For example, video games can now be viewed in true 3D with full depth of focus. We'll explain why this problem is computationally hard, and how using NVIDIA GPUs allows us to overcome it. Recent advances in hologram generation procedures will be explored, including benefits from newer GPU models and the application of multiple GPUs to computing for a binocular holographic system. We'll also discuss results from VividQ's latest holographic augmented reality head-mounted display prototype.

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