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Make Decisions with Real Data: How to Properly Size, Benchmark, and Configure a Proof of Concept with NVIDIA vGPU

Jimmy Rotella, NVIDIA

GTC 2020

Getting started with NVIDIA vGPU technology can appear intimidating, but it's actually not complicated at all. It's even easier if you start with some quantifiable data that can help inform your decision-making. Whether you are planning on moving from physical desktops to vGPU-enabled virtual infrastructure, are interested in adding GPUs to your virtual desktop infrastructure, or upgrading the GPUs in your environment, we'll help you understand the resources required for your environment's workloads. We'll review the steps required to do a proof of concept, and we'll discuss available benchmarking tools, how to test servers at load, and how to collect quantitative and qualitative data for use in your decision-making process.

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