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Containers Runtime, Orchestration and Monitoring

Renaud Gaubert, NVIDIA | Pramod Ramarao, NVIDIA | Erik Bohnhorst, NVIDIA | Jon Mayo, NVIDIA | Rajat Chopra, NVIDIA

GTC 2020

Interactive session to answer any questions you might have regarding: - Using GPUs with Linux containers technologies (such as Docker, Podman, LXC, Rkt, Kata or Singularity) - Deploy GPU applications in your cluster with containers orchestrators (such as Kubernetes or Swarm) - Monitor your applications (DCGM, Prometheus and Grafana). - Fully containerized GPU stack (driver container, device plugin, dcgm-exporter) - NVIDIA GPU Operator (on click deploy, driver upgrades, container runtime enablement) We will also share tips on how to tune containers for high-performance applications.

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