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NVIDIA NGC for Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and HPC

Chintan Patel, NVIDIA | Adel El Hallak, NVIDIA | Akhil Docca, NVIDIA | Adam Simpson (HPC), NVIDIA | Chris Parsons & Monika Katariya (Containers, Models, Helm Charts, SDKs), NVIDIA | Ryan McCormick (Deep Learning), NVIDIA | Zhenyi Huang (Deep Learning), NVIDIA | Scott McMillan (HPC & Deep Learning), NVIDIA

GTC 2020

Meet with NVIDIA experts one-on-one for questions on using GPU-accelerated software from NGC for deep learning, machine learning, and HPC. Ask us about such topics as strategies for using NGC in your workflows; running NGC containers on different platforms; and using pre-trained models and industry SDKs with Docker, Singularity, and Kubernetes. Who would benefit: Data scientist, developers, devops, system admins supporting DL, ML, data analytics, and HPC workloads Here are just a few topics we will cover. Feel free to bring your questions to the session: • Getting started with AI • Best practices to train, infer, and deploy AI solutions • Utilizing pre-trained models for NLP, TTS, Recommender and more • Running NGC software on-premeses, cloud, and edge with Kubernetes • Deploying DL frameworks and HPC app containers in Singularity • Building performant and lean containers with NVIDIA tools • Maximizing application performance and running applications at scale

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