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Thrust, CUB, and libcu++ Users Forum

Bryce Lelbach, NVIDIA | Allison Vacanti, NVIDIA | Francis Lemaire, NVIDIA | Michal Dominiak, NVIDIA | Olivier Giroux, NVIDIA | Evelina Bakhturina, NVIDIA

GTC 2020

Come join NVIDIA's CUDA C++ Core Libraries team for a Q&A session on: - Thrust—CUDA C++'s high-productivity general-purpose library and parallel algorithms implementation - CUB—CUDA C++'s high-performance collective algorithm toolkit - libcu++—the CUDA C++ standard library (introduced in CUDA 10.2) Usage questions, feature requests, and bug reports are most welcome! Connect directly with NVIDIA Experts to get answers to all of your questions on GPU programming and code optimization, share your experience, and get guidance on how to achieve maximum performance on NVIDIA's platform.

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