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GTC Silicon Valley-2019 ID:S9973:How 6 River Systems Leveraged ROS and the NVIDIA Jetson Platform (TX1/TX2) to Build a Fleet of Autonomous Collaborative Robots

Dan Winkler(6 River Systems, Inc.)
Well describe how 6 River Systems leveraged ROS and the NVIDIA Jetson platform (TX1/TX2) to build a fleet of collaborative autonomous robots. Using LIDAR and RGBD cameras, the robots can safely and autonomously navigate the warehouse to automate work. With the TX1/2, we were able to process and analyze data from our sensors to build an accurate representation of our environment. Well discuss how we use this information to autonomously navigate warehouses filled with associates, forklifts, and other fulfillment equipment. Well also examine how the Jetson platform allowed us to make intelligent decisions and optimize the flow of associates, robots, and inventory in a warehouse.

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