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GTC Silicon Valley-2019 ID:S9945:Leveraging GPUs for Environmental Omics Analysis

Kjiersten Fagnan(Joint Genome Institute, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
We will discuss the scientific drivers for moving bioinformatics software to GPU platforms. The DOE Joint Genome Institute generates petabytes of environmental genomics data each year that is shared with thousands of scientists through web-based data analysis platforms. As sequencing technology changes, the character of the data changes and enables scientists to ask new questions that can be answered with higher fidelity. These data are integrated with the entire corpus of data generated by the DOE JGI, as well as labs around the world, leading to the need for large-scale high-performance computing that leverages the DOE Advanced Scientific Computing Research user facilities. We'll explain how systems like Summit at the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility enable large-scale analysis of multi-omics data, which leads to new discoveries and new hypotheses.

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