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GTC Silicon Valley-2019 ID:S9918:Isaac Gym

Viktor Makoviichuk(NVIDIA)
We'll present Isaac Gym, a platform for distributed high-performance reinforcement learning training, research in robotics, animation, and biomechanics. Isaac Gym supports different rendering and simulation, including Flex and PhysX backends. We'll discuss how GPU-Accelerated high fidelity physics simulation can simulate not only rigid but also deformable soft-bodies, cloth, ropes and liquids, and interaction between these elements. Our reinforcement learning training pipeline is also GPU-Accelerated and we provide fast parallel multi-camera rendering support for tasks involving vision. We'll explain how a Python wrapper simplifies and speed prototyping, and allows us to perform many experiments and set benchmarks. We'll show some of the most impressive training results in classical and new challenging robotics and locomotion training environments in Isaac Gym and share information about the performance and scalability of our GPU-Accelerated simulation and training pipeline.

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