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GTC Silicon Valley-2019 ID:S9813:Scaling Digital Crime Investigations with Massive Visual Graphic Analytics

Leo Meyerovich(Graphistry)
Investigating events and transactions is critical to operational teams such as IT, security, fraud, and increasingly even sales, marketing, fintech, and logistics. But as organizations gather more data to improve their visibility to these operations, it becomes more difficult to surface structure and follow promising threads. We'll discuss two complementary techniques that are changing what is practical. GPU computing is solving the problem of interactivity-at-scale, and graph systems are enabling teams to reason about correlations across their data. Using examples from malware outbreaks to human trafficking to netflows, we'll demonstrate the kind of visual experiences that are now viable. Throughout, we will touch on supporting technologies from the GPU Open Analytics Initiative ecosystem and how Graphistry leverages them for our 2.0 engine.

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