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GTC Silicon Valley-2019 ID:S9771:Methods for Creating and Updating HD Maps for Localization and Simulation - Part 1

Graefe Gunnar(3D Mapping Solutions),Willem Strijbosch(TomTom),Justyna Zander(NVIDIA)
Moderator: Dr. Justyna Zander, Global Head of Mapping, NVIDIA This session will discuss NVIDIA DRIVE Mapping, a platform that enables vehicle manufacturers to use maps from various global providers for highly accurate navigation and localization. DRIVE Mapping products integrate a scalable sensor suite, software development kits, and co-integrated high-definition maps from leading mapping companies. These end-to-end technologies help collect environmental data to create and update HD maps. We'll explain how the platform makes it possible for a self-driving vehicle to localize itself with precision, discern potential hazards, and determine exactly where it can safely drive. Leaders from the mapping technology companies will discuss the advantages of various modalities of maps and the benefit they provide to autonomous vehicles, followed by a short Q&A session. TomTom: Willem Strijbosch, Head of Autonomous Driving Mapping Progress on the Car-to-Cloud-to-Car Cycle The talk will discuss the latest on map creation and using crowdsourced data for map updates at TomTom.  3DMapping: Dr. Gunnar Gräfe, CEO and Founder Precise Ultra HD Map Data as Basis for Virtual Testing and Simulation Digital road data is the basis for virtual testing and simulation. Artificially designed digital roads may help case by case, but for various applications the precise digitalization and digital as-built representation of real-world roads is needed. The typical requirement is, that the roads used for virtual testing and simulation are regarded as digital twin of the real-world roads, which is prerequisite for comparable testing in reality and in the virtual environment. The technical solution for digitizing test tracks, race tracks and public roads with sufficient accuracy and resolution is high-end mobile surveying using high-resolution scanners and multiple cameras. 3D Mapping has invented the necessary technology since more than 20 years and today deploys van-based survey systems worldwide. The technology is used for example to generate high-resolution digital road surface models in OpenCRG format or to produce precise high definition reference maps in OpenDrive format, which are either used for virtual simulation and testing or as reference map in the car for autonomous driving development. 3D Mapping is member of the OpenDrive core team and has been intensively working on standardization and updates of the formats OpenDrive and OpenCRG since several years and is fully engaged in the ongoing ASAM format standardizations. The developments lead to new standards including 3D environment combined with scenario elements.

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