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GTC Silicon Valley-2019 ID:S9728:Advancing Astrophysics with the GPU-Native, Massively Parallel Code, Cholla

Evan Schneider(Princeton University)
Learn about Cholla, a GPU-Native massively parallel hydrodynamics code that runs on the world's largest supercomputers and is pushing the forefront of astrophysical research. We'll describe Cholla's design, including our innovations in transferring classic computational fluid dynamics algorithms to GPUs. We'll cover our ongoing research in astrophysics, highlighting results from our 2017-2018 INCITE program to understand the role galactic winds play in the ongoing evolution of galaxies. In addition, we'll describe our current efforts to couple Cholla with NVIDIA's IndeX visualization software to provide high-fidelity in-situ renderings of our simulations.

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