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GTC Silicon Valley-2019 ID:S9683:Problems Taking AI to Production, and How to Fix Them!

Jim Scott(MapR Technologies)
There are numerous problems which have been exposed by the creation of AI models due to the total capability of the current generation of GPUs to create and run a large volume of models, and we are going to show people how to fix them. The exponential compute growth which has occurred in this area has opened the doors to creating and testing hundreds or thousands more models than the, one-by-one approach which was performed in the past. These models use and generate data from both batch and real-time sources. As data becomes enriched, and parameters tuned and explored, there is a need for versioning everything, including the data. Issues found here are similar to other software engineering problems, but new approaches must be taken to create solutions given the complexity of the problems with the inclusion of vast amounts of data. We will discuss the very specific problems and approaches to fix them.

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