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GTC Silicon Valley-2019 ID:S9634:Imaging Nearby Habitable Planets with the Largest Astronomical Telescopes and GPU-Powered Adaptive Optics Algorithms

Damien Gratadour(Observatoire de Paris & Université Paris Diderot),Olivier Guyon(Subaru Telescope)
Learn how GPUs are pushing the limits of the largest astronomical telescopes on Earth and how they'll be used to image life-bearing planets outside our solar system. Thanks to hardware features such as Tensor Cores and mixed-precision support, plus optimized AI frameworks, GPU technology is changing how large data streams from optical sensors are digested in real time. We'll discuss how real-time AI made possible by GPUs opens up new means to optimally control the system and calibrate images, which will help scientists get the most out of the largest optical telescopes. GPUs will also benefit future extreme-size facilities like the European Extremely Large Telescope because the complexity of maintaining exquisite image quality increases with the square of its diameter size. We'll present on-sky results obtained on the 8.2-meter Subaru Telescope and explain why these techniques will be essential to future giant telescopes.

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