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GTC Silicon Valley-2019 ID:S9627:Cloud-to-Edge AI: Micro-Climate Anomaly Detection and Plant Stress Monitoring in the Amazon Biosphere

Miro Enev(NVIDIA),Wenming Ye(AWS)
We'll describe joint NVIDIA-Amazon work to build AI assistive tools for the caretakers of the Amazon Biospheres. We train deep autoencoders on time-series sensor streams for monitoring anomalies in the micro-climate. Our talk will cover how we deploy convolutional architectures for tracking plant stress levels using time-lapse vision models. We'll outline how we try to use best practices for edge-to-cloud AI and how we built a workflow to train models on EC2.P3 instances (NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs on AWS SageMaker). We'll also discuss how we optimize models for inference using TensorRT and subsequently deploy those models on NVIDIA Jetson TX2s for the biosphere.

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