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GTC Silicon Valley-2019 ID:S9537:How BMW Visualizes and Interacts with Extreme Datasets with Near Zero Latency

Todd Mostak(OmniSci),Caroline Persson(BMW Group)
Connected vehicles generate a treasure trove of anonymized data with unlimited potential for the automobile industry. Vehicle usage, fleet movement, mobility patterns, telematics and spatiotemporal data are invaluable for everyone from development to manufacturing. Hear how the BMW Group has built dashboards with OmniSci Immerse to visualize this telematics data. See a live demonstration of this application as it's used to visualize spatiotemporal telematics data and interact with massive datasets-in-motion with near-zero latency. Join Caroline Persson, Data Scientist at the BMW Group, and Todd Mostak, CEO of OmniSci, as they explain how the parallel processing power of GPUs unlocks a wealth of use cases across manufacturing and other major industries, driving operational analytics, geospatial analytics, and data science. Persson will provide an example use case and show how automobile manufacturers can ingest huge volumes of streaming telematics data coming from vehicles and apply machine learning models to descriptive driver behavior and patterns.

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