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GTC Silicon Valley-2019 ID:S9298:The Future of GPU Rendering: Real-Time Raytracing, Holographic Displays and Light Field Media

Jules Urbach(OTOY Inc.)
We'll share our vision for the future of GPU rendering and discuss how it will affect gaming, VFX, media, and design in the 2020s and beyond. We'll provide a deep dive into how AI and RTX ray tracing hardware are driving the roadmap for OctaneRender and detail its evolving real-time integrations into Unity and Unreal Engine. Learn about OTOY's ongoing work with Light Field Lab and how the partnership will deliver groundbreaking commercial holographic displays and a media ecosystem in the 2020s. We'll also cover the goals and challenges of deploying a fully decentralized GPU ray tracing, compute, and streaming platform through OTOY's RNDR blockchain network.