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GTC Silicon Valley-2019 ID:S9274:Unprivileged GPU Containers on a LXD Cluster

Christian Brauner(Canonical Ltd.),Stéphane Graber(Canonical Ltd.)
Learn how to run GPU workloads securely in isolated unprivileged containers across a multi-node LXD cluster. We'll explain what unprivileged containers are and why they're safe, and then use demos to show how the power of LXD can be used to create a whole cluster of unprivileged containers that are isolated from each other. We will also show how LXD makes it trivial to pass through physical GPUs to containers and how it exposes a wide range of NVIDIA-specific options by leveraging NVIDIA's libnvidia-container library. This way each container can easily get a dedicated GPU or GPUs to run workloads. This session will help participants understand how running GPU-Intensive workloads can be effortless with the help of a dedicated container manager that is aware of NVIDIA-specific features.

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