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GTC Silicon Valley-2019 ID:S91038:Do You Know Where Your AI Data Flow Bottlenecks Are? How to Optimize Your Storage for AI (Presented by IBM)

Steven Eliuk(IBM)
Data is the key to AI success and an efficient data infrastructure is vital to the success of any deep learning (DL) project.  Bottlenecks in the flow of data can negatively impact model quality and time to results. Come join us to learn about: A DL data pipeline that supports the efficient flow of data from its sources in enterprise data stores and the internet of things through to deployment of a validated, working DL system How to identify DL data pipeline bottlenecks and address them by putting in place a data infrastructure that efficiently serves the different demands for capacity, performance and insight as data flows through the pipeline How to plan for seamless growth of your organization's AI data infrastructure, from experimentation through production to enterprise-wide expansion so you can start today with confidence that you are building a sound foundation for your organization's AI future  

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