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GTC Silicon Valley-2019 ID:S91018:6 Perspectives: The Impact of AI Workloads on Data Center Compute and Memory (Presented by Samsung)

Greg Diamos(Baidu),Sumit Gupta(IBM),Anand Iyer(Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.),Maxim Naumov(Facebook),Rob Ober(NVIDIA),Marc Tremblay(Microsoft)
Data centers today benefit from highly optimized hardware architectures and performance metrics that enable efficient provisioning and tuning of compute resources. But these architectures and metrics, honed over decades, are sternly challenged by the rapid increase of AI applications and neural net workloads, where the impact of memory metrics like bandwidth, capacity, and latency on overall performance is not yet well understood. Get the perspectives of AI HW/SW co-design experts from Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Baidu, and technologists from NVIDIA and Samsung, as they evaluate the AI hardware challenges facing data centers and brainstorm current and necessary advances in architectures with particular emphasis on memory's impact on both training and inference.

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