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GTC Silicon Valley-2019 ID:S91003:MXNet Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing Models Accelerated with NVIDIA Tensor Cores

Przemek Tredak(NVIDIA),Cyrus Vahid(AWS)
Learn more about using the most popular computer vision and natural language processing models with state-of-the-art accuracy in MXNet, accelerated for NVIDIA Tensor Cores, to reduce training time. The session will explore the MXNet Gluon CV and NLP toolkits with a demo showing how to achieve out-of-the-box acceleration on Tensor Cores. We'll also review and demo a new tool for MXNet, automated mixed-precision, which shows that with only a few lines of code, any MXNet Gluon model can be accelerated on NVIDIA Tensor Cores. In addition, we'lldiscuss the MXNet ResNet-50 MLPerf submission on NVIDIA DGX systems and share how MXNet was enhanced with additions such as Horovod and small batch to set a new benchmark record. Beyond training, we'll also cover improvements to the existing experimental MXNet-TRT integration going further than FP32 and ResNets.

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