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GTC Silicon Valley-2019 ID:S9399:AI/Deep Learning: Transformational Health Care Use Cases

Dima Rekesh(Optum Tech UHG),Julie Zhu(Optum Technology, United Health Group)
We'll talk about health care deep learning initiatives we're pursuing to better serve our patients. These include improving the process of prior authorization, which is not only costly, but takes time that can affect patients' conditions and customer satisfaction. We'll discuss how we're applying deep learning to enable real-time processing of prior authorizations. We'll cover how we're using deep learning to more effectively detect medical claims fraud. Instead of traditional unsupervised outlier detection, deep learning can predict the provider or member's unique features, and use those to detect abnormal medical claims and reduce false positives. And we'll also explain how we're using deep learning for multiple disease imputation and prediction. Based on a patient's historical EHR, we can accurately impute multiple medical conditions as well as predict future conditions with an eye toward intervention.

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