GTC-DC 2019: Taking AI to the Next Level with an Effective Research and Development Program (Presented by WWT) - Video

Jamie Milne, WWT
gtc-dc 2019
We’ll explain how the AI space is expanding rapidly, producing more complex algorithms and an exponentially larger ecosystem of tools. Five years ago, AI knowledge and real-world experience were unique, and organizations experimenting with AI found expertise and resources to be scarce. Now, most large organizations have infrastructure and resources dedicated to AI, and are attempting to productionalize and leverage their efforts to create cutting-edge algorithms, tools, and technology. We’ll describe how to maintain an information edge and stay ahead of AI developments by shifting research and development from algorithms to operational topics. We’ll explain how to design and build a cloud AI platform; develop processes for project selection and knowledge transfer; and set strategy and standards around code and data. We’ll describe our experiences in the public and private sectors that support the development of a holistic AI R&D program.