GTC-DC 2019: Harnessing the Power of GPUs for Disaster Planning and Relief Operations

Sean Griffin, Disaster Intelligence
gtc-dc 2019
We’ll explain how Disaster Intelligence is leveraging GPU-accelerated data science capabilities to revolutionize decision-making before, during, and after disasters. Understanding and managing risk requires complex modeling, simulation, and predictive tools to determine how to prepare for the unknown and make the best decisions for saving lives, protecting the environment, and sustaining resilient communities. NVIDIA capabilities allow Disaster Intelligence to manage, parse, and query the growing volume and velocity of data required to forecast natural hazards or assess catastrophic damages to communities and infrastructure. We’ll present use cases of these accelerated data science tools. The first one is for modeling the consequences, cost, and options for determining disaster mitigation and recovery strategies and policies. The second is for orchestrating coastal evacuations from hurricanes.