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GTC-DC 2019: Synthetic AR: How Modern GPUs Blur the Lines Between Physical and Digital Worlds

Gabriel Jones, Proprio
We’ll discuss our company Proprio, which uses real-time light field capturing and rendering, robotics, computer vision, virtual reality, and machine learning to create immersive surgical visualizations and performances. Leveraging NVIDIA GPUs, Proprio’s system captures and reconstructs immersive volumetric videos, fuses them into a single environment, and enables multiple users to interact with multi-modal imaging such as CT and MRI scans. We’ll explain how a few thousand dollars in GPUs will replace multimillion dollar operating rooms, and give an overview of the antiquated technology used in surgical workflows. Modern GPUs are revolutionizing surgical performance by powering visualization paradigms. They’re also leveraging a new dataset to perform volumetric capture of anatomy and enhance human performance through head, eye, hand, and tool tracking. We’ll show the audience how we’ve enabled the Ghost Driver through real-time optimal path planning.

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