GTC-DC 2019: Multidisciplinary AI Today and Tomorrow with Bridges-AI and Bridges-2 - Video

Nick Nystrom, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center / Carnegie Mellon University
gtc-dc 2019
We’ll explain how AI is helping analyze large data by spotting correlations and identifying anomalies. It’s also reducing time-to-solution by orders of magnitude in simulation and modeling by replacing expensive computation with fast inferencing. We’ll describe two platforms at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center that combine AI and high-performance computing for research and education at no cost. Available now, Bridges-AI is an AI-focused extension of the Bridges supercomputer and features HPE Apollo 6500 servers and an NVIDIA DGX-2, with a total of 88 Volta GPUs. Bridges-2 will build on Bridges and Bridges-AI to serve the AI and AI-enabled simulation of tomorrow. To illustrate the systems’ impact, we’ll present use cases in fields including genomics, medical imaging, weather forecasting, and agricultural sustainability. We’ll explain what’s possible, how to access it, and what opportunities exist for collaboration.