GPU Grant Application

Before creating a GPU Grant Program Login and submitting a GPU Grant Application, be sure to review the GPU Grant Program guidelines. Also be sure to read the instructions on the online form as they may include more information than the website.


The GPU Grant request form is currently offline as we do some program and form revisions.  We do not have a current ETA on when the form will be back online, but please continue to check back for updates. We cannot accept any submissions while the form if offline or outside of the online submission process. Please DO NOT log into the program below and try to submit a form - you will just create a draft and see an auto generated system pop up about a deadline that may confuse you. Draft forms will cause a system backlog, so again, please DO NOT log in and try to create a new request form until we post that the form has re-launched. All current drafts have been delete.



If you have received a GPU donation in the past and are ready to submit your 6 month follow up information, please log in BELOW to the GPU Grant Program.  DO NOT try to log in with the login button in the upper right hand corner of this page - that goes to the Registered Developer log in.  Again, to log into the GPU Grant Program you must log in below.  If you have issues, email us at