NVIDIA provides a suite of powerful tools for the Google Nexus 7, simplifying Android application development and unleashing the raw power of Tegra. Here's how you can get started developing for this revolutionary platform today!

Join the Gameworks Registered Developer Program

The Gameworks Registered Developer Program is an important part of NVIDIA's commitment to the developer community, providing access to the latest news, updates, developer tools, samples, OS images, as well as tips and tricks for Tegra development. Join now to maximize your development experience with the Google Nexus 7! You'll have the opportunity to report bugs, request new features and attend exclusive Tegra developer events.

Download the CodeWorks for Android

Once you've joined the Gameworks Registered Developer Program and received acceptance confirmation, all developer resources for the Google Nexus 7 can be quickly located at /develop4tegra (or for a complete reference, /tegra-resources).

Get Started!

Follow the Tegra Android Getting Started Guide to finalize setup and start developing the next killer app!

NVIDIA tools designed for the Google Nexus 7

Nsight Tegra, Visual Studio Edition

  • Multi-core native Tegra Android GDB debugging
  • Seamlessly debug Java and native C/C++ code
  • Manage and build Tegra Android applications
  • Familiar environment for Tegra Android development
  • Android specific features integrated into Visual Studio

CodeWorks for Android

  • Set up an Android Development Environment in minutes instead of hours
  • Installs all tools, documentation and samples required to develop high-performance, low-power applications for Tegra Android


  • Examine and debug OpenGL ES frames to reveal rendering problems
  • Execute directed tests to identify rendering bottlenecks
  • Edit and apply shaders dynamically at runtime
  • Identify critical CPU functions and call paths
  • Visualize CPU and L1/L2 cache usage across multiple CPU cores