A full day of NVIDIA GRID Game Streaming related presentations:

The Technology Behind NVIDIA GRID Game Streaming

This talk will introduce the NVIDIA GRID™ Game Streaming service and the technology behind it, with information on why this service is unique and better than other solutions out there. This service runs on AWS with GRID for an efficient, high-performance public game streaming cloud service.

File: Grid Platform_GameStream_Platform Architecture_GDC_2015.pdf

  • Xun Wang (VP, NVIDIA)
  • Max Paklin (SW Architect, NVIDIA)
  • Bojan Vukojevic (SW Architect, NVIDIA)
  • Khurrum Islam (Senior Manager, NVIDIA)
Data Analytics from the NVIDIA GRID Service

This talk will review what we’ve learned from data from the NVIDIA GRID Game Streaming service. Data and results about QoS, playtime, and other interesting statistics relevant to game developers will be presented.


  • Donny Johnson (Sr. Director, NVIDIA)
Developing Games for NVIDIA GRID

This talk will cover game on-boarding and game performance profiles, and unveil the NVIDIA GRID™-Link SDK for GRID systems. Games need to support the GamePad controller interface and be optimized for the best visuals, lowest latencies, and fast frame rates. We’ll be introducing details about a new GRID-Link SDK, which will enable games running on GRID to have online multiplayer support.

File: GDC_2015_DesigningGamesForGRID.pdf
File: Grid_Link_SDK_GDC15.pdf

  • Eric Young (Manager for GRID Devtech, NVIDIA)
  • Kevin Klemmick (Senior Engineer, NVIDIA)