Microsoft PIX Adds NVIDIA GPU Counters

GameWorks, DirectX 12

David Coombes, posted Mar 28 2017

At GDC 17 Microsoft announced the addition of NVIDIA hardware performance counters to PIX. PIX is Microsoft's DirectX 12 performance tuning and debugging tool for game developers. The counters are implemented using PerfWorks, NVIDIA's C++ API. Nearly 300 counters are exposed giving developers a deeper insight into the performance and rendering of their applications than was previously possible.

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Deep Learning for Games

GameWorks Expert Developer

David Coombes, posted Mar 23 2017

Deep learning, a branch of artificial intelligence is revolutionizing modern computing. It is being used to develop solutions that range from improved cancer screening to self-driving cars. It has been used to create art, play games and deliver customer insights. NVIDIA brought presentations, demos and training materials to GDC17.

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VRWorks SDK 2.3 Now Available

GameWorks, VRWorks

Anthony Cascio, posted Mar 15 2017

NVIDIA has released the new VRWorks SDK for application and headset developers along with the GeForce driver version 378.78.

The driver is available for download at: and the SDK has been posted at

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Capturing and Sharing the Art of Games


David Coombes, posted Mar 02 2017

This year at GDC we are announcing two features that allow gamers to share their experiences. The Ansel SDK enables in-game photography, letting players create beautiful art directly from your game. ShadowPlay Highlights automatically captures their greatest gaming moments and then makes it easy to share them through the GeForce Experience in-game overlay.

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NVIDIA Flex 1.1.0 released

GameWorks, FleX, DirectX 12

David Coombes, posted Mar 01 2017

We are pleased to announce the release of Flex 1.1.0, available immediately to all registered NVIDIA developers. Flex 1.1.0 is the largest update to Flex since its initial release, and this post will cover a few of the most notable new features.

To get started, the latest release package is available from the developer zone here.

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