SEATTLE, WA, 19 July 2010: With almost 160,000 Android handsets being activated daily and apps on the Android Marketplace ramping quickly, Android mobile devices offer explosive new opportunities for content developers. The superior performance and graphics capabilities of the NVIDIA® Tegra™ mobile processor are setting the stage to provide consumers a mobile device experience traditionally reserved for PC and high-end console gaming.

The one-day Mobile Game Development Track at Gamesauce 2010 focused on leveraging horsepower of the Tegra mobile processor and Android OS to deliver the best consumer experience. If you're interested in mobile development, already developing for Android, or just want to learn more about great content coming for Tegra-based Android devices, you'll definitely want to check out presentations from the great session speakers who flew in from all around the world.


09:00 Bill Rehbock, GM of Mobile Content NVIDIA Slides - Audio
Performance Gaming on Android
Bill Rehbock, GM of Tegra mobile content at NVIDIA will discuss the future of gaming on NVIDIA® Tegra™-powered mobile devices. The combination of Android and the new Tegra mobile processor offers a new world of power, allowing game developers to push the content envelope to deliver an incredible consumer experience on a new generation of mobile devices.
10:00 Lars M. Bishop, Mobile Developer Technologies Engineer NVIDIA Slides
Fast and Pretty: Making Responsive, Quality 3D Content on Android
When paired with high-performance, low-power mobile processors like the NVIDIA® Tegra™ mobile Web processor, Android can provide users with beautiful, smooth gaming experiences, provided that the developer can harness this power effectively. This presentation will cover numerous tricks, guidelines and recommendations that maximize responsiveness of 3D games and multimedia applications on Android and help avoid common pitfalls. Specific discussion will cover the Java-to-native code JNI interfaces and how to use them to best advantage. We will also discuss Android's notion of an application's “lifecycle”, a pivotal concept in creating applications that play well. Finally, we will present 3D content recommendations for application developers to maximize the visual impact of their applications while providing high frame rates.
11:00 Tony Garcia, Director Business Development Unity Technologies Slides - Audio
Androids of the World Unite: Using Unity to Extend The Reach Of Mobile Development
With the advent of powerful mobile processors like the NVIDIA Tegra, developers are now free to extend their mobile gaming aspirations onto a whole new world of highly capable devices. From mobile phones and handsets, to tablets and more, Unity provides developers with intuitive and powerful tools to address the burgeoning Android market. We will demonstrate the new Unity 3.0 development environment and show how easy it is to create original content designed specifically for these new devices, along with some working demos running on actual hardware. In addition, we will demonstrate how easy it is to migrate existing Unity iPhone projects to Android devices and cover best practices for optimization on Tegra.
13:00 Robert Zhang, Joint Innovation Lab VP of Product Development China Mobile Slides - Audio
JIL and China Mobile's Gaming Platform
This presentation will provide you with a high-level overview of Joint Innovation Lab's platform strategy for gaming and China Mobile's involvement in the project. In this session, you will also learn about China Mobile's customized Android+ (OMS), Mobile Market, and the ecosystem and opportunities for game developers in this market.
14:00 Philip Belhassen, CEO and Co-Founder Stonetrip Slides - Audio
Using ShiVa 3D on NVIDIA Tegra-Powered Platforms
Stonetrip will present information on developing for the ShiVa 3D platform and discuss how creators can maximize performance in their applications targeted at NVIDIA® Tegra™- powered platforms. Including top optimization techniques and a general overview on the creation and export process using ShiVa 3D, this session will give attendees an understanding of the power of the platform and the tools they need when developing for NVIDIA Tegra-powered mobile devices.
15:00 Dr. Sébastien Deguy, CEO and Founder Allegorithmic Slides - Audio
Substance: AAA Textures for NVIDIA Tegra
This session will focus on Substance and the substances, a middleware solution and a library of dynamic, lightweight AAA-looking textures dedicated to NVIDIA® Tegra™ mobile processors. Come learn how this technology and library of samples allows the production of very high quality content without extreme skills (think Gears of War textures in minutes for Tegra). Also, see how the very compact nature of the substances makes them perfect for on-the-air distribution (think 2K textures in 2KB).
16:00 Ryan Stewart, Flash Platform Evangelist
Richard Seis, Mobile Developer Technologies Engineer
Adobe Flash and Air - Mobile Games Fast!
Adobe Flash and Air on tablets and smartphones creates huge new opportunities for you to distribute your content authored with the awesome Flash toolchain. But, coding for mobile brings new challenges as well as opportunities, and the best mobile games will fully embrace the unique characteristics of this new generation of devices. This session will explore how Flash will enable you to create portable, rich Internet content that runs on many, many mobile devices - and how to create Flash applications that full exploit the power of mobile accelerated Flash 10.1 on NVIDIA® Tegra™-based devices.