NVIDIA FlameWorks

Nvidia FlameWorks is a system for generating fire, smoke and explosion effects for games. It combines a state-of-the-art grid-based fluid simulator with an efficient volume rendering engine. The library can also be used for energy based spell effects using volume rendering. At the end anything requiring a real time fluid simulation coupled with volume rendering. The simulator uses a highly-optimized solver which enables the simulation of high resolution grids in real-time. It supports collisions with standard primitives and includes a combustion model for generating flame effects.
The library is currently in closed beta. Please contact us for Licensing inquiries.

Key Features
  • Real-time eulerian fluid simulation
  • High performance multi-grid solver
  • Supports grids up to 32M voxels
  • Cinematic Volumetric Effects
  • New combustion model for fire
  • Support for Stochastic shadows and scattering
  • User-defined force fields, emitters and collision objects
Platforms PC
Dependencies DX11
Links NVIDIA FlameWorks GTC 2014 (Slides)

NVIDIA FlameWorks in Game/Demo Examples

Fire Demo - GTC 2014

The GTC 2014 fire demo demonstrates the cinematic quality of fire/smoke together with ray marched reflections on the ground as well as interaction with a sphere. The demo uses a 512x256x256 voxel grid, meaning that 32M voxels are updated every frame and runs at more than 30fps on a GeForce 780TI. For actual game use cases the voxel grid size is scalable and can be used with lower resolutions as well. No Particles were used in the making of the demo.


Dragon Demo

The dragon demo is intended to demonstrate how FlameWorks could be used in a high-end game. It uses 512 x 256 x 256 voxel grid, meaning that 32 million voxels are updated every frame, and runs at more than 30 frames per second on GeForce Titan. The voxel grid size is scalable and can be used with lower resolutions, too. Fire is emitted from the dragon's nose and mouth, and interacts with the sphere and statue models. No particles were used in the making of this demo.