Eurographics 2004 Presentations

This page lists the presentations from our sessions at Eurographics 2004. For each talk, we provide slides in PDF format, along with a brief description (helpful for talks with titles that aren't quite self-explanatory).

You can select individual presentations to download below, or get them all in one convenient ZIP file.

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Session/Talk Title

Course Notes: Programming Graphics Hardware A compilation of notes for the "Programming Graphics Hardware" course.
Introduction to the Hardware Graphics Pipeline Introduces the concept of real-time graphics, the GPU, where a GPU fits into a PC's architecture, and covers the evolution of GPUs over time. 
Controlling the GPU from the CPU: The 3D API Outlines how to use 3D APIs to allow CPU programs to communicate with the GPU.
Programming the GPU: High-Level Shading Languages Discusses the evolution of GPU programming models, culminating in the development of high-level shading languages such as HLSL, GLSL, and Cg.
Optimizing the Graphics Pipeline Explains how to achieve maximum performance when rendering high-quality imagery by understanding and removing pipeline bottlenecks.
Advanced Rendering Techniques Showcases the advanced effects that current graphics processors are capable of achieving in real-time. Covers Nalu, the launch demo for the GeForce 6 Series GPUs.
General-Purpose Computation Using Graphics Hardware Covers some of the new applications of GPUs in non-graphics scenarios, and how mapping problems to the GPU can result in dramatic performance increases.